Monday, January 4, 2016

6 months::Ferris

6 months old today, this baby of mine, he is.

I haven't seen the new Star Wars movie yet...

Oh my. Ferris Jeffrey Stiles has now reached the 6 month milestone and I have hardly penned his existence into these internet webs. I'm sure he'll forgive me, when he wants to become President and every past literal and audio notation is scrutinized and lambasted for all to see. Yes, he'll thank me then.

The past 6 months have been incredibly full and incredibly quick. He's grown from a newborn, to an infant, to a baby seemingly overnight. His hair has finally tamed, so the Trump card is played only half as often as it once was. His content demeanor has earned him a front row seat for mealtimes and the like, as he watches with eager eyes all that unfolds before him. He is quiet, and he is exacting. He is my heart outside of me for all to see.

At 6 months old Ferris is:

Wearing 9 month (barely) and 12 month clothes, 12-18 month in Gap
Wearing size 3 diapers and 5 at night (since Moxie is still in diapers and we have them)
Around 16 pounds

No teeth as of yet
Blowing bubbles, raspberries, and sticking his tongue out
Smiling and laughing and talking to whomever will listen
Enjoying toys, and all of the ones that are just for him from Christmas (fourth baby problems)
Putting everything in his mouth, and reaching for toys
Hair has finally grown long enough to lay flat, with a defined part in existence
Still boasting baby blues and blonde hair -- whose kid is this?

As with the other kids, my supply tanked at 4 months as his weight dropped drastically. I expected it this time and so I was prepared, and it was the decision we were content with making regarding his feeding. Even though this is my fourth rodeo, I still bristle at the comments made by others regarding my ceasing of breastfeeding, as if it were their decision to make. He has been thriving and gaining consistently once he made the full switch to formula and I'm okay with that, and so is our family. He eats every 3-4 hours or so during the day, with the last feeding before bedtime. He has been eating solids since around 4 months starting with cereal and I've been slowly introducing vegetables. He has only had butternut squash and sweet potatoes thus far. I haven't had the chance to make more variety as of yet - I still make the baby food, I enjoy it and with my new blender it's even easier than before. Cereal twice a day and veggies twice a day with on average 5 bottles.

The pattern continues...he has been sleeping almost exactly in step with Moxie's sleep habits at this age. We get ready for bed (all the kids, yes even Cutter still) at 6:30 pm with bath and then pajamas, bible, stories, prayer and bottle before bedtime at 7 pm. He will wake up between 5:30 and 6:30 am and take a bottle and go back to sleep, waking on his own around 8-9 am. If we have to get out of the house earlier I wake him and feed him on the go. He goes down for a nap about an hour or so after he wakes up and naps for a short time in the morning but takes a long afternoon nap with the girls. So he's napping still about 2-3 times a day. I'm so thankful for my good sleepers, believe me, I am.

Firsts lately 
His first Christmas, 2015
Had to lower the crib
Rolled across the room, far from where I left him

Eating meals in a highchair with the family
Sitting unsupported for very small increments of time
Putting everything in his mouth
Getting his knee under him in an attempt to crawl, yikes

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