Monday, January 4, 2016


I was so excited about my playroom post that I neglected to include the pictures of the very kitchen I was boasting so loudly and proudly about. I've been out of the blogging game, what can I say?

The custom kitchen for the playroom.

It's so simple, which I love. So many kid things and toys are overdone and have too many bells and whistles. I prefer the simpler toys and tools of old. I'm an old soul that way.

The cabinet to the far right serves as their pantry, while the two cabinets underneath house their pots and pans and other foods that don't belong in a pantry. Such as eggs, butter, and milk. Of course.

Steve spray painted an old faucet and we used a mixing bowl for the sink that we already had. The stove is made up of spray painted paint lids screwed into the top. 

Kitchen complete. 

**The mixer and the toaster are Hape brand. We love them. 

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