Friday, May 1, 2015

Another House Update

Here’s an update on what’s going on around here.

Shelves have been installed, and are currently an excellent holding area for the plethora of tools used in said project. I feel I need to clarify they are not finished. Just in case someone would think that they are. Progress pictures here, progress pictures.

All of the lighting has been upgraded, hallway included.

The floor was to be next but our local Home Depot was out of the material we needed. And so, a toilet was purchased in its stead. You just never know around here.

Cutter is proudly showing off the progress in the playroom. Gosh it is so green.

The sub floor is exposed and that dresser next to Cutter has been repainted for Ferris. It was my Aunt’s changing table (that would be the Aunt that is really like my sister as she is only five years older than me) and I’m glad we’re able to use it again. Same house, just thirty-seven years later. Otherwise, that’s all that’s happened in here. 
The magic is in the workroom for now.

And just because - if you can't laugh at yourself. Cutter took this picture of me modeling the handiwork of his father. 

You are welcome, interwebs.

The whole weekend lies before us…

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