Sunday, May 17, 2015

15 months old::Moxie

 A few weeks back marked the fifteen month mark of our Moxie Wren. Even Scout has taken to calling her by both her first and middle name, and truth be told it’s incredibly endearing.

Without a doubt she is growing up – and fast. Which is both good and bad as any mother can recount. It warms my heart to see her talking more, becoming more independent, and accomplishing tasks that once were impossible for her. It also pains my heart to see her shed not only the infant cheeks, but also the desire to be held and rocked, and the innocence of infancy. She is maturing into her given name more and more. She is tenacious, spunky, intense, active, and is full of Moxie. Gosh, I love her.  

At 15 months old Moxie is:

Weighing 24 pounds and 33 inches tall -- 99%, Daddy's girl for sure
Wearing size 18 months clothes
Wearing size 5 shoes
8 teeth and a molar, and working on more
Hair is officially long enough for both a ponytail and pigtails, bows are a necessity
Running everywhere, keeping up with her brother & sister
Incredibly reliable when it comes to antagonizing her brother & sister. Incredibly.
Loving every second of finding her voice; screaming, singing, talking (words are basic now: mama, dada, bubba (our dog), mimi, and a form of grandma that is similar to mama)
Enjoying picture books in earnest
Loving music and dancing
A snuggler of baby dolls and teddy bears, but not of mommy or daddy
Enjoying the warm weather and spending as much time outside as she can
Throws the ball better than her siblings did at this age, and loves to go down the slide which they did not
Feeding herself with a fork or spoon, and well I might add
No longer drinking from a bottle, just a sippy cup

As with both kids I stressed about taking away the bottle, and mostly because it was just an easy option and solution for me. I knew if I took it away then I would probably have to deal with a few upsets. She did so well with the transition, and again my worry proved to be unfounded. She’s been taking a sippy cup of milk at meals and I have stopped giving it to her at bedtime since she is now drinking milk with dinner. She is certainly not drinking the same amount of milk that she was with the bottle, but that’s okay. Meal-wise she is still eating well, loving the spring bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables that we have at our disposal. Strawberries and pineapple are her weaknesses. Eggs are a breakfast staple (which our chickens provide ever so diligently) and dinner has been whatever we are having for quite some time now. She has started using a fork or spoon out of sheer tenacity; the girl wants to be just like her older sister and brother. 


Again, this girl is a dream. She still is napping from about 12:30 or 1 until 4 or 4:30 (as does Scout) and then gets a bath at 6:30, bedtime, and I wake her for the day around 8:00. This will be our last week of school so I’ll be able to let her sleep in a little more, we’ll see how that pans out as far as the rest of her schedule. It has been so nice to have time with just the older two before she is awake for the day. I kind of want to savor that before Ferris arrives and he is awake, too.

All too soon she will be a big sister. Ferris is due to make his arrival in the next 7 or 8 weeks!

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