Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A little boy's best friend

Donovan is the one and only dog that my husband has ever owned. He came from a cat family (and I am surprisingly okay with that) and never had a dog of his own. Once he got his own place he knew he wanted to have a dog, and after looking at a few different shelters, he found his mate in Donovan. You are accurate in your assumption that he is named for none other than Donovan McNabb - in his heyday I may add - and so you can date his addition to our family in that regard. 

Somewhere along the line he inherited the nickname Bubba and for the most part that is what he is called these days, especially by the kids.

When Steve brought Donovan home they told him he had been returned three times prior for various reasons. If you know my husband then you know this gave him all the more reason to prove that he could be his owner, and own him well. The concerns were unfounded; his only 'issue' when he came home was that he was afraid to go up the steps. He has since conquered this fear, and solidly I might add.

Cutter in particular has a special bond with Bubba. From the beginning they have both tolerated different levels of love (extreme hugging, pulling, jumping, etc.) and Cutter daily asks to sit with him or lay with him. I snapped this picture the other day and in my overly hormonal state it practically made me cry. I know that neither of our dogs will be around forever, but I know that this particular passing will be a tough one to swallow as it will affect Cutter in a profound way. Your first pet's passing is a milestone that no one (least of all me) really wants to check off the proverbial list. 

I quickly straightened myself out and instead cherished the fact that I caught the memory of the two of them together as they typically are; snuggled up together on the couch, Cutter rubbing Bubba's ear.  

I hope that I catch many more memories together, for many more years!

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