Thursday, May 21, 2015

33 weeks

33 weeks pregnant this past Wednesday.
Can I just write that again for emphasis sake? 33 weeks pregnant.

I am overjoyed just thinking about it, but we will be welcoming a baby into this home of ours in seven (most likely eight) weeks, and that has me searching for and finding energy that has been lost for the past few weeks. Projects are getting completed and my baby checklist is winnowing down to a few last ticks, the largest of these being the purchase of a new car seat. I will certainly ruffle a few feathers with this proclamation but whomever declared that infant seats should have expiration dates did not have many small children. Our seat expired in January of this year, and so we dutifully are purchasing a new one to comply, albeit with much grumbling and murmuring on my part. We are thankful, so very thankful, that it is actually being gifted to us – but all the same – it seems unnecessary. 

Stepping off the soap box now. 

I feel him rolling around inside of me every day and have come to enjoy the startling kicks and pokes he gives me when I bend over or sit for too long (roughly 30 seconds in he starts his serenade). I really enjoy this part of pregnancy and will miss it immensely. I’ve kept my energy level up by continuing to eat well and staying with my workout regimen (thank you girls for persisting through!) and having a husband who has graciously and continually told me to rest when I need it and to ask for help when I need it, though that is of course something that does not come easily for me at all.

I have felt a particular surge in the cleaning department this past week and have found myself cleaning and organizing things that seem ridiculous, but are entirely too pleasing to pass up. Such as sorting and organizing play kitchen food, stacking books, and cleaning our washer and dryer. Nesting is a feral beast I tell you. 

Again, I’ve not necessarily done weekly photos of his growth but do have a few to share, all of which are from my phone and most are shameless bedroom selfies (in real life, with toys and mirror smudges included at no extra cost) or taken at a function, which would be the only other way my picture would be captured these days.
Ferris, we are very excited to meet you! 

28 weeks to 33 weeks
Including mostly post-workout snaps, Mother's Day tea, & a wedding weekend

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Jase and Melissa said...

looking good, Lauren!! Can't believe he's almost here!