Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pretzel Making (but not the Tim Tebow kind)

The majority of my days are spent in the kitchen. This is confirmed by my youngest who when I am not here, will walk into the kitchen and head to the sink saying, “Mama? Mama?” in her quest to find where I am. 

I’m okay with this revelation, and in fact it kind of warms my heart. I enjoy providing for my family and meals are a large part of the provision that I contribute as wife and mother to my brood. 

We belong to a local fitness center and when we left yesterday my kids noticed some of the other kids had soft pretzels (purchased from the snack bar). They asked if they could have one and I said no. I do that a lot. But as we were driving home I remembered that they had actually asked for the same treat the week prior and I gave the same answer. I decided when we got home that we would make some, and they were thrilled at the prospect of making their own soft pretzels.

We used our breadmaker (a relic but in fine working order) to make the dough. This particular recipe called for 1 cup of beer and the kids were giddy that they would be consuming something that their grandfather drinks. They know their father prefers gin; everyone has their favorites.

I let Scout and Cutter put the ingredients into the breadmaker and then we turned it to the dough setting. Scout and Moxie headed for nap, and two and a half hours later Cutter and I took out the finished dough and set to rolling out the pretzels and baking them.

Breadmakers are a fabulous thing. 

He had great fun in handling the dough and shaping it into the form. We brushed some melted butter on top, added some kosher salt, and put them in the oven for 10 minutes. 

We made 16 pretzels. 

By dinner time there were 5 left. And afterwards, none.

We love our carbs over here.

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