Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Class Valentine

I do appreciate a good craft every now and then.

Lately I've been moving from one event to the next, as having multiple babies during the same four weeks of the year seems to be a habit of mine. We figured it out this time, due with the next baby this summer. Summer is for having babies, right? I’ve been attempting (to no avail) to convince myself of this untruth as I imagine what I might look like come July. A hot and sweaty mess, that’s all I see.

Regardless, I enjoy a good party plan and the subsequent accessories and details that accompany a well-executed event. That being said, sometimes a girl just wants something that can be completed and achieved in one evening to provide some sense of pride and assurance that her mind is still capable of performing a task from start to finish. 

Class Valentines have come on the scene as parties pop up throughout the week to celebrate Cupid’s livelihood. 

I found crayons on clearance at Target, and then found a printable from Emily Ley.
Cut, tape, done. 

Cutter did not appreciate the forced handwriting exercise, it was a solid joint parenting effort. He did acquiesce which gives me hope as we make the foray into homeschooling in earnest this fall. Pray for me. Please.

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Jase and Melissa said...

super clever! Love clearance crayons!