Thursday, February 12, 2015

Moxie's Birthday Party & (all the details)

We sort of make a big deal about first birthdays over here. It is indeed more for us parents than it is for the child. It’s a rite of passage, to showcase the fact that you are in fact capable of caring for one person, for every hour of the day, for 365 days. Who wouldn’t celebrate this feat?!

Kidding and trite banter aside, it’s true that getting through your baby’s first year is something to be celebrated, and well, there’s the fact that you truly, madly, deeply adore said baby. You kind of want to go all out and celebrate them; no holds barred.

Moxie’s celebration was held the weekend prior to her actual birthday and it was a breath of fresh air in this lackluster, dreary winter we are in the midst of. I wanted it to be bright and colorful and that was my only prerequisite. Back in November, my mom took me to Paper Source for my birthday and I found my inspiration, a set of Martha Stewart colored paper fans. I snatched up one more set as well as a set of poms, because if it’s pre-made, it makes my life easier. Can I hashtag in a blog post? #soontobemomof4 

My sister came down the night before with her boys and she lent her sister hand; hanging a ribbon banner, making a color block garland, and staying up past my own self imposed bedtime in celebration of her own thirtieth birthday. I’m sure that’s another post entirely. My husband lent his decorating hand and single-handedly rescued my pregnant brain from its deficiencies as of late in the art of assembling said poms. There was much frustration on my part, but he gallantly saved me from myself. He's good like that, that husband of mine.

Everything fell into place from there and the celebration made for a pleasurable morning full of color and that joie de vivre we all strive to obtain . I made her a birthday crown, and Scout of course requested one as well. 

The cake presented a bit of an issue as it’s ownership changed hands a few times, but ultimately fell into my own hands. I was quite pleased with the result. Mildly rustic yet romantic, a bit like our Moxie herself. I also served cupcakes with the delicious cream cheese frosting that I adore. And selfishly look forward to others birthdays so that I can make a batch and consume all of it. 

I kept the food super simple and served only appetizers and fresh fruit and vegetables. It was a mid-day occasion so a full meal wasn’t necessary. 

A first birthday is not complete without a handmade dress from Gigi. She truly beamed as Belle of her ball, though it was not the intention at first. As a yellow enthusiast (ahem, yellow label) Gigi knew yellow would thrill my party planning heart, and Moxie looked every bit the princess in her special sparkly bow-laden dress with matching bow-adorned headband. Oh, bows, how I love thee. #shouldhavebeenborninthesouth

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