Monday, November 11, 2013

30 weeks

Mind blown.

30 weeks along, 10 more to go - but who's counting.

I had my check-up this week, the first of what are now bi-weekly occurrences. Everything still remains status quo; I'm healthy and she's healthy which in truth is the blessing I want to hear at the end of everyday. My glucola number was stellar, which was a relief in every sense of the word. I dread that drink, the taste that lingers, and the ensuing sugar headache that ravages my body in its wake. 

So glad that is done with.

I had my suspicions due to the incessant jabs and pokes I have been feeling, but my doctor confirmed that for the time being Moxie has decided to take up residence from side to side instead of the traditional up and down orientation. There is still time for her to move, but I would be ever so thankful if she chose to do so soon. My sides ache from her limbs stretching as far as they can around my literal hemisphere. She is hugging my body, which is sweet, but just not.

Nesting is still in full force and the projects are being completed check mark by check mark. There are only a few more large things we need to address before her arrival, for my sanity, and then the prepping of baby clothes, setting out diapers, and preparing her cradle can begin.


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