Saturday, November 23, 2013

::On eggs and intentionality::

Scout is a surprising 3 months shy of her second birthday. 

Let that one sink in for a minute. 

In true second child fashion, I have not had the time as I would wish to wax nostalgic on these here interwebs and dutifully record her achievements and milestones as I did for her older brother. Rest assured, the desire is ever present - just not the time

But that's okay.

Instead, I spend moment after moment with two children who grow my heart by leaps and bounds in ways I never imagined or thought possible. They are the biggest introspections into my own heart, and that remains a surprising discovery that I've been blessed and encouraged by. 

*Cliche alert*

They make me want to be the best mom ever, for them
Not what makes a great mom to everyone else, but to be what they need when they need it from me

This day - it was to be present at breakfast with my youngest.

Since she was young one of her favorite breakfasts has been eggs, and once she learned to use a fork (which was a long time ago) she happily sat in her seat and stabbed each piece until every little bit was consumed. Sometimes she would eat 3 eggs in a sitting. Her bird-eating brother, she is not. 

I was literally enthralled the other morning to take a leisurely breakfast with her and capture her in her element, happily enjoying her eggs -- and farm fresh at that. It's a good thing we're entrenched in the egg laying at this point as she consumes the bulk of our daily inventory. So many of our mornings these days are rushed and I play the part of drill sergeant barking orders to finish quickly so that we can get out the door.  It's frustrating, it's grueling, and it's a surefire way to start a tantrum. It's not what I always want, but some days it's all we've got.

This day was different, and it was poignantly refreshing.
No place to be, no orders barked, no hurrying along.
Being with her, present with her at the table, just being - my heart was full.

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