Sunday, November 3, 2013

29 weeks

I am in absolute disbelief at the rate this pregnancy is progressing. Third child, I suppose, but all the same it's amazing that she will be here in 10 weeks or so.

By some small miracle I have remained sane and comfortable through this 29th week, though my rapidly growing belly might belie that truth. Indeed, the basketball is there, as is evidenced by the myriad of clothing I had to actually put away because it no longer covered me in the socially acceptable regions. 

She remains a rabid kicker, tumbler, poker, prodder, jumper; she lives up to her namesake, our spitfire Moxie.

Nesting wise I have been on overdrive. We have completed so many house projects, craft projects, and otherwise have been turning this house into a home fit for three kiddos. I find something new to organize practically daily, and given my tenacity for order, I've been one content woman 'with child.'

I've already moved to 2 week check-ups which in and of itself is startling to me. My list of To-Do's Before Moxie Arrives is long, but each check mark noted brings a deep satisfaction to my being, as it is one step closer to her arrival.

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Jase and Melissa said...

Love your maternity outfits! Looking good