Wednesday, July 3, 2013

16 months

16 months, 2 weeks late. I've purposed to give an update from what I can remember of these last 2 months. 


I didn’t make this choice intentionally but we are bottle free! This is the lazy man’s course of action; run out of bottle liners and be forced to use anything but a bottle, and magically, no more bottles. She just has a straw cup of milk when she wakes up, with dinner, and at bedtime. She’s not so interested in the bedtime cup but if I can get her to drink more during the day I’ll get rid of it all together. She is so not like Cutter in this regard. His bedtime bottle was his thing. It was only a few months ago that we finally phased out the milk before bedtime (in a cup of course) all together, and that was of course a change he wasn’t willing to conform to. 


Breakfast is better now, she always has milk when she wakes up and then we’ve been consistently eating oatmeal, eggs, fruit, toast, or cereal bars every morning. She still eats a snack mid-morning and then lunch between 11:30 and 12. After nap she has another snack and more water (she easily drinks an entire Camelbak of water a day). Depending how close her wake-up is to dinner I’ll try to limit her snack so that she will eat more of her dinner.   


She has been sleeping through the night now for good. For the most part they are both up around 7 am. She goes down for a nap by 12:30 and will still sleep until 4, sometimes 4:30. Bedtime with Cutter at 7 pm. She is a sleeping machine.


Very vocal, babbling up a storm. The standard words are there just more pronounced.
Signing ‘please’ and ‘all done.’
Screaming; oh the screaming. It reaches to my marrow; I cannot stand it.
Did her second year of Camp Baby Bear and never wanted to leave, I’d come to get her and she’d sit at the table and just ask for more crackers.
Had her first yeast infection; terrible. No more wipes for this girl.
Still same number of teeth.
A smashed fingernail courtesy of brother slamming her fingers in the shower door, more than once.
Trying to emulate Cutter when he goes potty, all in due time girlfriend.
Very stubborn and very opinionated.
Size 4/5 shoe, size 4 diapers (5 at night), 18 month clothes.
Long, curly hair with a bow every day. She’s been letting me play hairdresser as of late and I’ve been able to get some ponytails in there.
Balls remain her favorite toy, followed by the barn & animals, puzzles, books, and cars. She is very into collecting things all in one place.
Loving to sing and dance, clap her hands and turn around, sway from side to side.
Out of doors is her thing; walks in the woods, swing rides, wagon rides, water anything.
Waves like a princess; “hi” and “bye.”
Hugs and hugs and hugs her stuffed animals, and then kisses me.

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