Friday, July 19, 2013

Moving right along

14 weeks, second trimester, and getting alarmingly large at this stage of the game.

All told I'm feeling great. Eating well, excercising (even Zumba today!), energy conveniently at the ready, thankful, grateful, yet decidedly unrested and unsettled all night. I don't remember having such trouble sleeping this early, but insomnia has already reared its ugly head on multiple occasions.

My check-ups have been uneventful, calm, and relaxed. Hearing the heartbeat loudly and clearly at my 11 week check up was a blessing and a joy. Comparatively, the heart rate was similar to Scout's at this stage. Boy or girl?

Pregnancy is different this time with a vocal, questioning, three year-old. Everything is new and intriguing and a wonderful learning opportunity to shed real-time light on the sanctity of life and the miracle God works in a woman's body. As my belly gets bigger he's understanding even more that the baby is growing and God is working all of the parts together to make his little brother or sister. Which if you ask him, he doesn't need a little sister; he already has one.

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