Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Fun Surprise

Steve came home with a surprise for Cutter last week.

He built a garage for him to park his cars in.

He made it in replica of a life-size one he built on one of the properties at his work, and Cutter immediately noticed the parallel exclaiming, “It’s just like your building, Daddy!”

Needless to say, it has been quite the sensation around here and both children have played with it endlessly. We have been at Camp this week at church, and upon coming home and waking from naps it is the first place that they seek to appease their imaginative minds. I love watching him concoct scenarios, characters, escape routes, and rescues over and over again. Scout is more than pleased to drive cars in and out, and park them at her leisure.

My husband has been gifted with the mind and hands of a skillful carpenter, and his handiwork is enjoyed at almost every turn in this house (oh the floors, the entire second floor, our bathroom, the cabinets, the counters...). He'll be the first to tell you this was easy as pie for him and though I believe him, I know I couldn't do it!The kids are blessed to have not only a loving father, but personal handmade treasures with which they can play and learn, and pass on to their own children. 

There is one thing I always appreciate; a well-made, well-purposed toy meant to last well beyond their years. Give me that over plastic junk any day.

*steps off soap box*

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