Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Halloween

Currently, the entire Northeast is consumed by a ravaging terror known as Hurricane Sandy. Indeed, we are battling her hormonal rages ourselves and have been blessed with continuous power and minimal damage thus far. Nevertheless the true fracas will be fought overnight as her winds barrel against our trees and their finicky, slightly older, and completely saturated roots.

And so I choose this time of relative quiet indoors as my children are sleeping to put to paper our Halloween escapades of 2012.

Again, the design and fabrication of Halloween costumes incessantly plagued my summer as I endeavored to find that perfect pairing for my now dynamic treating team. I tossed around a number of ideas but was captivated by the adorable pairing of Peter Pan & Tinkerbell when I happened upon a simple and darling Peter Pan tutorial via Pinterest.Tinkerbell would be easy to emulate as Scout’s costume would be minimal at best. 

I followed the above linked tutorial and was pleased with how simple and perfect the Peter Pan costume unfolded. I omitted the belt and chose to simply sew long strips of brown felt together in its stead and it was a wise choice for the simplicity of its function. I borrowed tights from a friend and knew that the affinity Cutter shares for his green Crocs would be a perfect match.
Scout’s outfit was again simple but oh so very cute. I made the tutu from a few different tutorials meshed together online, purchased the wings and wand on super clearance from Joann’s and the rest we already owned. 

Our public preview was at our Church’s annual Autumn Fest this past Friday night. I had not dressed them in their costumes prior and was happy to parade my pair around in their Halloween finery. This year was the first time Cutter actively participated in the many games at his disposal, and the aptly named “bike race” was a favorite worthy of seconds and thirds, even going head to head with his sister for a round. Though he would have preferred to revel in the unlimited supply of popcorn, lemonade, and hot dogs at his disposal, his sister entreated us on more than one occasion to be put to bed and so we graciously obliged bidding farewell to Halloween for 2012. Any inkling we had of celebrating further has been squashed by the very foreboding presence of Ms. Sandy herself.  

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell Halloween 2012


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those costumes (and your kids) are so cute! You did a great job making them!

Happy Halloween :)

Sarah said...

Darling costumes! Darling kids! Nice work.