Wednesday, October 24, 2012

32 months

I’ve now let five whole months lapse since my last monthly installment of Cutter’s monthly snapshots. As one would assume, quite a bit has happened with my oldest since then.

For starters, he is potty trained. There are no more diapers for this boy, including naps and overnights. His compliance would make me appear a master of all things lavatorily inclined, but I assure you he was simply ready and willing. Regardless, I claim the victory of having cut our monthly diaper bill in half.

His schedule currently
Waking for the day between 6 and 7 am. He will now wake to use the potty and sometimes we can get him to go back to sleep. Milk and breakfast, Lunch at Noon, Nap at one for 2-3 hours, dinner at 5:30, bath at 6:30, bed at 7.
*For whatever reason he still does not get out of bed of his own volition. He calls for us to come and get him, and we happily oblige. 

28 pounds, 36 inches – remaining a bean pole.
Size 2t (pants are way too big but I need the length – belts have become our concurrent best friend and nemesis…try getting the belt off of a 2 year old boy when he has to pee, NOW)
Size 8 shoe

Other changes within the last five months
-          Not sure when the change happened but I’ll note if for posterity sake. Definitely no more bottles, all milk in straw cups – morning and night. He even prefers to use a regular cup most of the time.
-          Switched to Camelback water bottle at beginning of summer instead of sippy cup
-          Own place at the dinner table, place mat and real adult plate and cloth napkin included.
-          Bedtime routine expanded to include songs at the request of the Master himself.

Things Cutter is doing or saying at 32 months old
-          Truly talking so well and so much. He comprehends much and it is evident in his speech.
-          Favorite sayings as of late – “Actually” “I not can’t do it” “Last day (yesterday)” “Oh boy, oh wow!” “Nice and tiny (nice and tidy)” “My belly’s not full” “Oapeemeal" (oatmeal)
-          Running everywhere. He is a boy. With a lot of energy. High, high energy. Heavens.
-          Counting and sorting.
-          Sleeps with just a few stuffed animals and puppy, down from the hoarding of the summer.
-          Continues to love cleaning and assisting Daddy with anything carpentry/painting/repair related.
-          Loves Donovan (Bubba) so, so much.
-          Asking everyone’s name, where they live, and where their cars are (including the unsuspecting shoppers and tellers alike).
-          Special treat favorites – cake pops from Starbucks and m&m’s.
-          Playing cars, with his barn & animals, and imaginative play are at the top of his docket currently.
.-        Expressive beyond belief.
-          Favorite foods: spaghetti, hot dogs and beans, yogurt, applesauce, cranberries (dried).
-          Jumping but not over anything yet.
-          He is not sharing, in a very non cooperative-I’m a two year old toddler-loving sort of way.
-          Favorite shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Doc McStuffins
-          Favorite movies: Veggie Tales, Cars, Finding Nemo

The weather has cooled considerably but we have not been outside as much as his adventurous heart would like. Our schedule hasn’t lent itself towards mornings of outdoor abandon as I know he wishes for. As the winter creeps in the time will get less and less, and by February I know we’ll all be climbing up the walls with anticipation of the warmer temperatures.

He has grown so much over the summer and into this fall, I hardly even recognize the boyish face that stares back at me from his baby eyes.

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