Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I might disown my dogs...

It rained today, and last night.

Want to know how I know that?

I heard a dog barking outside the house at around 4 am. Funny, I thought, that sounded a lot like our dog.

Oh wait, it was our dog.

Cavorting through the neighborhood and seemingly every puddle along the way ALL NIGHT LONG. I have no idea how long he was missing and can only assume it was quite some time due to the dramatic soaking of his coat.

This antic tops off the last few weeks which include the following, all of which are thanks to one or both of our dogs (of which I am reminding myself again that I love):

* 1 glass cake plate and 2 vintage platters shattered all over the kitchen floor courtesy of Mia
* Shattered Anthropologie latte bowl, in white (my favorite) courtesy of Mia

* An impromptu bath from rolling in stink - oh, that's Mia again
* A visit to the SPCA, doling out $50 to pick up BOTH dogs since neither had a collar on due to aforementioned bath - oh, let's just call that one Mia's too
* An entire can of formula, including scoop, enjoyed by none other than - MIA
* A mysterious subject matter given back to me on more than one occasion that remains unidentifiable and incredibly persistent - finally one for Donovan

Truth be told, there are more, but this is all that my dog-crazed mind can handle for fear I really will evict the lot of them.

Serenity now, serenity now!

Instagram (ldnecker)::Mia after being picked up at the SPCA.

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