Thursday, June 14, 2012


As with any young infant, Scout has her moments when she will cry or fuss. Rest assured it is not to be confused with the constant wailing that so marked her brother's infancy, rather, it is more of a, "Hey, remember me? Over here? Your darling daughter?"

When she does cry Cutter immediately becomes annoyed -- ever the doting brother isn't he? He will tell me, "Mom, Scout crying! Scout crying!"

We have been reassuring him that she is okay and she is allowed to cry. Quite often, soon follows, "Scout, Go back to sleep! Stop crying!" In an effort to teach him grace and love we've been correcting him and asking him instead to tell her that she is okay. We've suggested that he sing her a song instead of yelling at her.

In true Cutter fashion, this morning when they both woke I heard him shouting in a sing-song voice no less, "Sing Song! Sing Song, Scout! Sing Song!"

I love this kid, literally.

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sweetbabygiggles said...

All of this is wonderful preparation of what our days will be like! Cutter sounds like an awesome big brother though! :)