Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 months old.

 Agh! How in heavens name is my little girl four months old?! The past month has been full of change and growth, in mother and daughter alike. Daily I am reminded that motherhood is a job that requires fine tuning seemingly at the strike of every hour, but with every tweak I learn much about myself and the skills God has equipped me with (solely) to be the mother to my children. When I stop to dwell on the seemingly exhaustive listing of personality traits, schedule allowances, physical dwellings, etc. that are unique to myself and my children, I cannot help but offer up praises to my God who knew this from the beginning and provided each step to bring me where I am today. Hallelujah.

Truly, Scout has been instrumental in continually turning my heart towards Him. I cannot look at her face, her eyes, her cheeks, her lips without seeing the majesty of the Lord in every facet of her being. She emanates joy from daybreak ‘til nightfall, to the point where I feel remiss I did not give her the middle name of the same from her grandmother. My heart literally bursts with pride when that smile creeps across her face.

Mother hen, I am.

Logistically, as with Cutter, her internal clock began to shift about halfway through the month. I capitalized on a trip Steve had planned where he would be away for a few nights, and sent Cutter to his grandmother’s so I might have one day and night to give all of my attention solely to Scout. God bless family! It only took one day of strict scheduling to get her to sleep through the night, and my world has looked brighter and clearer ever since. The merriment of uninterrupted sleep has been mine again, and I and my family are the better for it.

At 4 months Scout is:

-          Official weight and height next week at our well visit.

-          Wearing size 1 diaper, 2 at night.

-          Wearing size 3-6 month clothes, 3 month Carters.

-          Still rolling over from tummy to back but has only replicated the back to tummy roll one more time.

-          Loves to be on her side.

-          Has found her feet – and just this week her hands. Oh, the hilarity!

-          Nursing every 3 hours during the day, dropped dream feed about one week ago and she has slept through the night since then (aside from two days waking at 4 am, eating and going back down until wakeup).

-          Going to sleep for the night at 6 pm and waking for the day between 6 and 6:30 am. (Nighttime routine: bath, pajamas, blanket, sound machine, nurse and down)

-          Napping for 2 hours 3 times a day, and 1 hour the last nap of the day. Soon to be moved to a 4 hour schedule!

-          Taking bottles, still.

-          Overall great head control, no concerns developmentally.

Firsts this month:
-Camp Baby Bear
-One on one with Mommy day and night
Our four month outtakes...

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