Monday, February 13, 2012

Still Pregnant.

This was taken over the weekend and lo and behold I am still pregnant. I am trying very hard to relish in these last few days of 'freedom' where I can go wherever and whenever with just Cutter - but the anxiety of meeting her has severely trumped all of that relaxing.

I must admit, I was more than relieved that she decided to curtail her arrival over the weekend. Cutter came down with his first stomach virus and it was admittedly a great distraction for me to set aside my anxieties and instead focus on caring only for him. I have been praying fervently that God would spare me from this malady that is coursing its way through the preschool 'give and share'; and praise Him almighty I seem to have escaped.

In the interim, Cutter is still a little lovey dovey (very uncharacteristic of him) and so I am soaking up those hugs and snuggles while I can devote my whole self to him.

*A glimmer of hope: I went into labor with Cutter at 39 weeks, 4 days...that would be today for Scout!

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