Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cutter's Birthday

I am finding it very hard to believe that the mister is now an official two years of age.

Friday was the official birthday of our own Cutterbug. We celebrated by decorating his door with balloons and streamers the night before, so that when he awoke they would be the first thing that he saw. When we heard him stir Friday morning, Steve and I went in and wished him a happy birthday, and as his eyes adjusted he quickly realized the fun that awaited him in the hallway. He was so thrilled and to revel in that joy with him just made my day.

In the morning, my MOPS group had planned a sprinkle for Scout, and Cutter had a great time playing with all of the kids. Of course he gorged himself on the delicious foods, namely the pink-frosted cupcakes; all in her honor of course. It was a great morning remembering the current blessing I have - and the one who is soon to come!

After his nap I had promised him we would watch "Race" or Cars. We have seen this movie countless times since Thanksgiving thanks to the provision of Steve's brother. He gifted Steve a tablet for his birthday and included Cars as one of the movies. At his birthday party last weekend, Grandma gave him Cars on DVD, so now of course we can watch anytime. I fear I have already memorized the feature in its entirety.

He was visited by his Grandma and had countless birthday greetings via e-mail, phone calls, snail mail and the like. We capped off the evening with an iced cupcake and yet another rendition of "Happy Birthday."

It was a two year old's dream come true.
Happy Birthday Cutterbug!
The morning; I'm 2 today!

Loving those balloons and streamers

Beguiled by the magic that is Disney - Cars

Birthday snuggles with Gramie

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