Monday, February 13, 2012

24 months old

24 months old. 2 whole years.

We had your check-up this morning with the doctor and to say you were perturbed would be highly understating the normally stoic event. The doctor’s office is simply not a place you like to be, and you let myself, your grandmother, the doctor – and the entire office – know that most thunderously. Thank goodness for the patience of pediatricians and their willingness to shout over a screaming child. And no, shots weren’t even on the docket today.

There was all good news and no concerns to report whatsoever.

You weigh 24 ½ pounds which lowers you to the 15th percentile (from the 20th) and you are 35 inches tall keeping you steadily in the 75th percentile.

At 2 years old you are:

·         Talking up a storm and are a little parrot

·         Just dying for the springtime so that you can run around outside

·         Sleeping until 6:30 am, a nap from 12:30-2 or 3, and bedtime at 7 pm (or earlier depending on your afternoon)

·         You went through a picky phase of eating but seem to be coming around again. Mealtime is easily one of my most frustrating times of the day with you, but I’m learning to be patient! I need to give myself more options to offer you throughout the day so that we aren’t falling prey to the same snack options every day. Your obsession with pretzels remains unmatched.

·         Identifying many more colors, the most recent and favorite being ‘white’

·         Still take a bottle of milk before bedtime but at this point with baby girl due to arrive any day, that isn’t changing anytime soon

·         So inquisitive and intuitive; I love watching your mind work and problem solve

·         Still quite enthralled with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

·         Have enjoyed playing with your new kitchen and making meals for Mommy and Daddy

·         Mesmerized by a car or truck of any kind; they are your constant companion in at least one hand at all times

·         Increasing your attention span and will now sit through an entire movie (usually Cars or some other Disney feature)

I know that I have not touched upon everything but this is a snapshot of your development and character after these 24 months. I love you more and more each day, Cutterbug!

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