Saturday, January 14, 2012


I blame my lasting obsession with typography on my college roomates; all of whom were graphic design majors among myself - the lone political science hopeful. has long been a source of inspiration and envy, and as of late it would seem that is ever true. I recently downloaded Deftone Stylus for a banner I made for Scout's homecoming. I try to score the freebies when they are offered up, and this one fit the bill.

Sometimes I get greedy and peruse the site for eye candy. My latest foray yielded a decided infatuation with yet another font, however, I'm not so smitten with the $89 fee. It would seem I will now be searching the interwebs for a freebie similar in style.

All the same, it makes my heart swoon with it's loopy, light, script. I think I went into the wrong field...

Carolyna Pro Black

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