Monday, January 16, 2012


Over the weekend I decided I wanted to finish a number of baby-related tasks, one of which was to organize the baby's diapers, wipes, and burp cloths.

I have been doing so well with this pregnancy in maintaining a calm outlook, aiming to keep my hormones in check. All bets were off the second I opened that package of newborn diapers.

Darn those newborn diapers!

My emotions kicked into high gear and I stood in my bedroom and burst into tears. I stood there, incredulous, holding what had to be the smallest diaper in my now seemingly gigantic hands. I held one up to Cutter's current size 4 and practically laughed at the enormity of his diaper next to her miniscule scrap of cotton. I proceeded to show each and every member of my family just how small these diapers were and how absolutely crazy it seemed that a baby would fit into them. Steve shared in my mis-remembrance and we both stood together in disbelief that soon we would have a little bottom to fill those diapers with. It is amazing what we forget in just two year's time! 

Anxiously awaiting my first glimpse of this precious, TINY, addition.

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The Drakes said...

I share your sentiment! Ava has a pack of nb diapers that she puts on her dolls and the other day I picked one up and realized this wasn't actually a doll diaper as I'd become accustomed to, but just the size for our impending arrival. Doesn't it just blow your mind? I've found myself buying 0-3 month clothes because the nb ones just look way too tiny, but in fact we will have a little bundle that size in a few weeks! It's crazy!