Monday, January 16, 2012

Bedroom Update

Last year I decided I was over the duvet cover and the ensuing warm and sleepless nights underneath its weighty fibers. Childbirth has altered my internal temperature for good it would seem. Instead, I opted for a light quilt with the option to layer if for some reason I ever became cold. This of course, is all for my own sanity. Steve is thankfully willing to please at any cost and could care less what he sleeps under - or on.

Back in October I began to scour Pinterest for some ideas for a fall/winter color scheme for the bedroom. Our blue/beige quilt from the summertime just didn't feel quite right for the autumnal season. I found this inspiration and went from there.

I priced all of my options and visited Home Goods more often than I care to admit, all in an effort to achieve a mature and sophisticated look without bearing a mature price tag.

This is our final result.

The bed skirt and quilt came from and I happily bough both at great discount prices on Black Friday. The bed skirt is one of my favorite things I think, ever. The quilt is right up my alley in yellow, and really gave me the sophisticated tone I was aiming for. All the throw pillows were already in my possession, waiting for the perfect use; this was it. The blanket at the end of the bed was a splurge on my part. I also purchased it on Black Friday (in my midnight rendevous to Macy's) after staking it out for weeks prior. It's a cardigan throw by Martha Stewart in red of course.

I am so pleased with the cost of the mini-update and even more pleased that I am still as in love with it now as I was when I first envisioned the transformation.

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