Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dog Bed

Since installing the hardwood floors back in November, the dogs have been overly envious of the sole dog bed that graced our living room. In an effort to create and maintain sibling concord (oh, the irony of this all) I took to the interwebs to find inspiration for another dog bed that would not only bear aesthetic value, but practicality as well. I knew I did not want the standard dog bed that encompasses the majority of the coveted real estate of the beautiful new floor, but aside from that caveat was open to inspiration.

I found it in my Google Reader in the form of a picture found on one of my favorite blogs, I Heart Organizing. I perused the comments for the post and realized that many a question had already been asked of the source for the dog mat seen in the picture, and Jen had graciously (and quickly) responded.
I found a kindred spirit in Janery on Etsy and immediately set to work on conveying my vision to her. She was a dream to work with and expertly executed my incessant, childish appeal for “a pretty dog bed.”
I received it in the mail last week and am so pleased with its inclusion in our d├ęcor. It is not obnoxious, takes up limited space while remaining functional, and most of all has been used by both dogs – and happily at that I might add.
My only complaint; I should have known Cutter would want one. He seems to think it is his very own nap mat and has been telling Donovan “No, mine” when he lays on it.
Oh, toddlers.  

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