Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tree Lighting

Christmas has penetrated our schedules and as I look ahead to the next twenty-one days there is nary one that is not filled with some sort of Christmas celebration - be it melody, cuisine, or otherwise. This is not a complaint in the least! Bring on the merriment and Yule.
Friday night we attended our town’s Christmas tree lighting. There truly is nothing like viewing Christmas through the eyes of a child. Cutter was enthralled with the brass quartet (signing ‘more’ each time they took a break in their serenade), the Victorian singers, and the children singing carols in the pavilion. Santa Claus himself made an appearance though we were not brash enough to weasel our way through the crowd. The traditional countdown began and I was joyfully caught up in the wonder of it all as the lights came to a brilliant blaze on the tree. Cutter was betwixt his two grandmothers to witness the miracle that is electricity, and was smitten with the sudden glow of the limbs. It was a wonderful night to ring in the Christmas season, surrounded by family and love.

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