Sunday, December 4, 2011

Going on a Tree Hunt

Today we endeavored to find the ever elusive perfect Christmas tree. Last year, we opted for the faithful artificial tree from our early years of marriage since we presumed Cutter couldn’t – and wouldn’t - discern the difference, but this year I was convinced we could accept nothing less than the true piney experience of hunting and cutting down our own tree. Thankfully, I was not the only one who felt this deep yearning, and the rest of the family agreed wholeheartedly. We tried a new tree farm this year and could not have had a more positive experience.

Cutter straight away took to the farm and ran down the hill in search of the tree that best suited his tastes. He found the nascent fields of young seedlings and was enamored with the feel of the needles against his finger. We ventured through the maze of trees and as a family cast aside many fallible choices before deciding on ‘the one.’ My brother cut down the tree (his first time) and Cutter watched in amazement as it fell to the ground. He asked for it to be put back upright as we attempted to explain to a twenty-two month old that we had cut it down to take it home with us. I fear he may attempt to cut down our trees at home after witnessing such a harvest.

He watched with wide eyed curiosity as Steve and my dad helped affix it to the roof (and yes, Steve only used his right arm). His first tree cutting experience was a dazzling triumph and one that I will remember always. Holiday traditions are in full swing in this household. Bring on the tree decorations.

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