Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, Monday

If ever there was a morning for a case of the Mondays, today would win the prize.
I awoke with two swollen eyes which proved quite the hindrance for morning operation. Eventually the swelling ceased enough for me to realize that indeed I had succumbed to my annual reaction to the ivy that is poison. Oh, how I loathe that poison. Inevitably I always seem to react in the ocular region thereby causing me to look like a bloated monster for a few days. The populace ever enjoys my ogre disguise, at least I’ve convinced myself that must be what the looks are for; sheer jealousy of how well I play the part.

Calls were made and doctor’s appointments were scheduled. Thank the good Lord for prescription drugs.

Next on the Monday list would be the sudden re-schedule of my Aunt’s mother’s back surgery. Literally as they were driving to the hospital to prepare and admit her, the hospital called to say an emergency surgery had bumped the schedule and it would have to be postponed until tomorrow.

When I returned from the doctor’s with prescription in hand, Mia decided that our backyard was simply not adventurous enough and so she gallivanted and presently was nowhere to be found. I called and searched the normal spots; visiting Gracie or flirting with Whaler but alas she was decidedly M.I.A. Until that is, I received a phone call from a young man asking if I had a black lab named Mia – and if so – she was at his house and could I come get her? Oy. Vey.

To add insult to injury, Cutter took a tumble down the steps – and then while we were outside this afternoon he tripped over a tree root and made a face plant into the dirt. His taste buds for once were not pleased with the concoction they had been given.

I forfeited my library board meeting tonight out of sheer empathy for my fellow trustees. No one needs to see this mess today. Thank God for tomorrows.

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