Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Blueberries carry with them a whole host of memories and family traditions to me. We have been growing blueberries in our garden for as long as I can remember. We have about ten bushes I believe all of the Jersey variety, that begin to ripen in early June and are heavy with harvest well into July. As a child it was always our duty to “go pick blueberries.” It got us out of our mother’s hair momentarily, and whether it was realized it or not, taught us the basics of health and wellness and the benefit of growing your own food.  
Needless to say, this year I was thrilled when the first berry began to turn blue and my grandfather chimed in, “those berries are going to have be picked.” Cutter and I went up together to the cage (necessary in order to fend off the gluttonous birds) and he entered a world of wonder and delight. I started to pick the berries and put them in the bowl and he immediately motioned for one. I knew that he enjoyed blueberries but this would be his first fresh, home-grown taste of one. He was instantly smitten. He signed for more and his love affair with blueberries began in earnest.

Every morning we go out to the cage and pick the plumpest, bluest, berries we can find. I leave the slightly purple ones for the next day’s harvest. Cutter has taken to picking them right off the cluster and popping them in his mouth. I watched him the other day as he gingerly pushed the green and purple berries out of the way to grab the blue ones. He knows what he likes. He has even tried to get into the cage in the afternoons and I’ve had to redirect him since we’ve already picked all the blueberries for the day!

I’ve already made three batches of blueberry muffins and we had blueberry waffles the other day. Cutter certainly eats his share of fresh though I must admit unless they are in a fruit salad I’m not as keen on them as I should be. I’ve frozen two trays for use throughout the winter and we’re only on the third or fourth of ten bushes that bloom.

Heading up to the Blueberry cage

Blue and plump, as we like them!

Contemplating eating the whole bowl
Just another family tradition I’m happy to be passing on to my son.
Blueberry picking, who knew?

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