Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Wednesday, already!?

This weekend was decidedly low-key due to a cough that had invaded my poor baby's chest. I did however get some 'me' time Friday night and Saturday morning - which translates to a night and morning spent shopping for said baby (who I will continue to call baby until he tells me to stop - thankyouverymuch). Our church had a children's clothing sale Friday night and then there was another mothers of multiples sale on Saturday morning. My mother joined me for both and we savored every minute of our time together, away from the men of the house. The estrogen in us needed to be nurtured in a bad way.

I found some great maternity clothes for my sister, tons of outfits for Cutter, and a few more wooden toys and puzzles for him to enjoy. He is getting into the 'boy' stage of toys where he appreciates a good 'vroom' car or truck. It makes me smile to see him so engaged.

Otherwise, his involvement this weekend was reduced immensely. We ventured to church only to leave mid-service due to his undeniable need for a nap. Monday brought screams of absolute pain and discomfort, coupled with constant tugging of ears -- needless to say the official diagnosis of a double ear infection was confirmed, and amoxicillin has evermore been our elixir of choice. True to form, yesterday my baby was back to normal, happy and complacent as ever. As if the horror of Monday had never even occurred. Oh, to be so resilient.

Yesterday, we met a good friend of mine from high school for coffee at Target (l.o.v.e. the Starbucks in there) and exchanged updates of our current lives. Inasmuch as I could get words in between chasing my toddling, snot-nosed monkey around, I had a wonderful time meeting with her. She and her husband just spent two years accomplishing one of their life's dreams of traveling around the world. Take heart my keyed up buccaneers, it can be done.

My sister has been updating us on the snow totals at her home; believe it or not they are back in the winter wonderland scene. My pink toes are aching for spring weather -- last Friday's mild temperatures have made a mockery of my pedicure demands. Currently it is lightning and raining, and I am looking forward to a night with my husband curled up on the couch.

Cutter with his 'vrooms' - sound effects and all...


Emily said...

You got the rocker painted!

lauren said...

Updated - just for you :)