Thursday, March 24, 2011

One project of many

My sweet husband endures many a phrase that begins, "Honey, I was thinking..."
At which he then sighs and lovingly says, "I told you not to do that."
I love him.

Back in September I found this darling rocking chair at our local consignment shop for a mere $10. Yes, it was pink - but remember I have superman for a husband and he can and does make my decorating dreams into realities more often than I am sure he would care to admit. My post is rather late in coming, but in December Steve stripped the chair of the pink, sanded it down, and painted it to match the white in Cutter's room. He is quite a fan of the rocking chair and uses it as any boy would - to climb onto and see how far he can push the chairback until it is JUST about to topple over, at which point he screams in pure and elicit joy.
I'm so glad I can fuel his childhood glory. 

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sweetbabygiggles said...

Beautiful chair, and beautiful job, Steve! And the Baby Gap bear? Jack has the same one (we have a backup too)! We don't go anywhere without "Charles!"