Sunday, March 20, 2011


In the world of internet language where words are inked indelibly for all the world to read - today I celebrate my blogoversary with you, the third one of such anniversaries.

Amazingly, I have been spewing my thoughts onto the inter-webs for three years now. What an embarassing post to begin with, but a beginning it was. Though, in truth, it is really only two years of solid literary contributions. It took me an entire year to decipher what I was aiming to do with this blog thing, and I do believe it has evolved into an accurate snapshot of my everyday; with snippets of my longings, desires, and inspirations - and of course now my family.

I am thankful for readers and thankful for those that comment. It is a great joy to me to write and I receive pleasure knowing that my words are being read - even if no one tells me about it.

I named my blog Yellow Label because I wanted it to reflect me in name.
Three years later it is truer than ever.

Thank you, my readers!

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