Monday, February 21, 2011

Let me upgrade you.

Beyonce's words have been echoing in my brain these past few days. You see, we decided it was finally time to upgrade Cutter from his changing table to pretty much anywhere but there. His gymnastic moves and all around wiggliness that come from being a newfound toddler have proven to be quite the wrestling match when perched precariously three feet in the air, attempting diaper changes and overall dressing. There were a couple of close calls to be sure, and so we made the decision on Saturday (while Cutter was visiting with his Grandma) to retire the custom changing top for a dresser top.

His nursery is quickly morphing into what seems to resemble a big boy's room. Can someone let the powers that be know that I'm not sure if I can handle this? Thanks.

Please admire my decorating prowess.

The custom birth announcement created for him by my dear friend, Brittany, from college.

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Aimee and Preston said...

I'm totally resonating with you on this post. Currently Pax's room is baby nursery in creams and shades of brown meets crazy modern boy decor and accessories. I just can't let go...