Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bedroom Re-vamp

I have been scouring the internet and the few non child-related magazines that I still subscribe to for inspiration for our bedroom; specifically our bedding. There are not going to be any huge updates happening to this room anytime soon as it just doesn't merit the financial attention that some other areas of the house demand, so in the meantime I'd like to give it a bit of a visual facelift.

Bedroom in 2009, let's call this Before

We've had the duvet cover for about three years now and the dogs have just worn it down. I try so hard to keep Mia off of our bed but inevitably in the middle of the night she wriggles her way in between Steve and I. In the winter I don't mind as much - she's a great heater; but in the summertime I don't even appreciate Steve next to me in bed it's so hot.

I want an update that is light, airy, colorful without being obnoxious, and comfortable. The paint will remain the same (it's only been two years this summer) and I have no issue with that. I need colors that mesh well with the tan walls.

We LIVE in this room. More often than not one of us is using the bed as an extra seat as there is just the one armchair in the corner for television viewing. The living room downstairs is technically my parents so if Steve and I want to watch a show of our own or snuggle up to a movie (which I know my Dad is laughing at me right now - we've probably watched one movie together since Cutter was born and our own living room was delegated to this corner of our bedroom), we use the bed for seating. If we want time to ourselves (and not even of the romantic type) we more often than not slip away to our bedroom for time to talk, relax, and read or hop on the internet.

I have a love/hate relationship with duvet covers. I appreciate the warmth, comfort and ease with which the cover can be removed and washed (a necessity) but dislike the bulky and clumsy nature of the duvet itself. I much prefer layers of bedding; a mix of cotton blankets, quilts and the like. I have a beautiful white quilt I would love to use but with two black dogs it's just a perfectionist's nightmare. I used it once and ended up spot cleaning it ten times throughout the day before I finally gave up and removed it. I would love to be able to find a way to incorporate it into the plan, maybe as a partially covered layer?

I'm determined to make the room one that I enjoy seeing day after day after day.  I abhor uploading pictures to Blogger and thus I have only two inspirational pictures to share. Be assured that my Bedroom Inspiration Folder on my desktop is brimming with colorful and serene rooms to jumpstart this project.

via lettered cottage

Serene colors; Steve & I will not be obtaining twin beds however (yet)
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The Drakes said...

Ooh, I can't wait to follow the transformation! I LOVE the first picture, I'm very into grays and neutrals at the moment. I'm with you on the duvet cover, we have a down comforter that we use in the winter and a quilt for the summer, both white. What about using your white quilt/blanket (I forget what you said it was) folded at the end of the bed as a layer over the duvet, that you can pull up on days that you feel like it (when the dogs aren't around)? Do sticky rollers make any dent in the dog hair problem?