Friday, October 29, 2010


Jason's painted pumpkins

Autumn is not replete without the decorating of pumpkins, be it by knife or brush.

To be fair, this fall the driving force behind said decorating was in fact my brother. He had been pestering me for weeks to decorate the pumpkins I had bought to dress up the front of the house. I would have been just as happy to keep them in their natural state, but I knew he would enjoy dressing them up a bit. He graciously humored me in agreeing to paint rather than carve the pumpkins. I know he really was hoping for the latter, but I just couldn’t muster up the passion to clean up all that mess, nor could my nerves withstand a knife in his hands. (Shudder)
Steve got in on the painting in between occupying Cutter (he is quite the needy boy these days) and I was able to add my artistic flair to one as well.
Jason used glow in the dark paint in the hopes that his pumpkin would light up the night. She has quite a head of hair, I must say. Perhaps taking after Cutter?
While it certainly wasn’t an exhilarating event, it was an afternoon activity that we all enjoyed together, and for that I am thankful. It is the little things, after all, that matter the most – and for some reason that is ringing true with me quite a lot these days.
Jason preparing his design
With the finished product

My pumpkin with Steve's, on display


Jase and Melissa said...

Love the "L"... Now, everyone will now that "Lauren resides here!" Sorry we missed you and your tiny giraffe last night. Steve was fantastic (and so kind to the kids) as always!

lauren said...

Melissa, I wasn't even thinking Lauren when I did it - but Longenecker! I suppose it has a dual meaning :)