Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sophie Giraffe

The love of his life, Sophie

This ubiquitous giraffe is deserving of her very own post. When pregnant with Cutter I read many books and blogs and saw many images of Sophie in practically every Facebook picture of my friends whom had babies already. Initially I was determined to avoid the presence of this giraffe in my house. I felt she was exorbitantly overpriced and I saw no reason to pay for a name. Other teethers or toys would suffice and we would not need Sophie in our lives.

Boy was I wrong.

I kept Sophie on my radar because, let’s face it, I was really beginning to wonder what the giraffe was all about. I had no intentions of purchasing her. Until that is, I renewed my Barnes and Noble membership. I got an e-mail with my updated information and included in the bottom was a list of items I may be interested in. Lo and behold, Sophie was listed.

I couldn't help it - I clicked on the link. My curiousity overcame my tight pursestrings, and order her I did. It turns out that as a member of Barnes and Noble you get free shipping on any item ordered online, and an additional 15% off on your first order. I was convinced. The allure of just what Sophie possessed had captivated me (excellent marketing, Vulli, I must say).

Surprisingly, Sophie did not disappoint. Cutter loved her from the very beginning. I quickly came to realize what an indispensable toy she was. He liked to squeak her, chew her, suck on her – you name it. Look what I had been missing this whole time! I was hooked; Sophie was home to stay.

One of my reservations in adopting Sophie was her rather canny likeness to that of a dog toy. She was plastic, small, and worst of all - she squeaked. Donovan honed in on her the first time Cutter lovingly squeezed her. I scolded Donovan and kept him away from Sophie at all costs – this toy cost me way more than I wanted to admit.

Cutter continued to love her and toted her with him everywhere he went.
Soon he actually began to teeth in earnest and I was praising the glories of Sophie ever more. She was saving the day and assuaging his pain! I put Cutter down for a nap and headed downstairs when I heard it – a desperate squeak for help.

I walked around the corner just in time to see Sophie’s head on the floor - and Sophie’s legs in Donovan’s mouth – squeaker and all. Sophie had been beheaded. This just would not do. Cutter would need her, would want her – I needed her!

I called Steve in a panic and he promised to pick up a replacement on the way home. Thankfully a local baby boutique carried them in stock so we wouldn’t have to wait for a shipment to be sent. I miraculously distracted Cutter until Steve came home and saved the day with Sophie #2. Cutter was none the wiser to our scheme and I was thrilled beyond belief to see her in our home again. Steve on the other hand, was none too pleased. I neglected to tell him the cost of Sophie before he went but simply reiterated our need for her - our DESPERATE need for her.

I had now bought not one, but two Sophies. This went against every frugal thread of my body. It seems that appeasement (in the teething realm) wins out over frugality, much to my chagrin.

Sophie at Eastern Market, DC; she gets around

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