Saturday, October 30, 2010

Autumn Fest

Longenecker's and their Kangaroo (aptly named Cutter-roo)

This past Friday night we partook in Autumn Fest at our Church. For the past few years we have volunteered and admired all of the adorable costumes that the kids dress in. Last year we helped make popcorn and I can remember thinking that in another year we would have our own baby to dress up and show off. It is amazing to think that a year has gone by already and here we are with our baby boy!

I was very excited to dress Cutter up for Halloween and had been tossing around ideas as early as July, if you can believe it. I settled on a kangaroo simply because it was entirely too adorable to pass up.

Cutter did so great with the costume on. I was worried he would be pulling at it, but I think it was just cold enough outside that he welcomed the warmth of the hood.

We took Cutter in a bounce house which was hilarious. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first, but with Grandma in the back coercing him with a balloon, he quickly caught on. Every time he fell forward and his little tail bounced up in the air I started laughing, it was entirely too endearing.

He did get a balloon all to himself which he was quite enthralled by. We ran into a lot of friends, some of which we hadn’t seen in a while and it was good to catch up with them. Steve and his mom stayed to volunteer for the second half of the night, but I took Cutter home to go to bed. My husband I’m sure had the ego-boost of the year. I was waiting to say my goodbyes when I noticed a lovely young woman was lingering at the booth he was working and I could tell she was checking him out. It took a few kind words from my mother in-law to make clear that I was his wife and was holding his child – sorry, he’s taken! She quickly left after her realization. This will be reason number 5,602 why I will try to convince my husband yet again to please wear his wedding ring. He prefers to go without due to his construction work, and it drives me bonkers, as you can see from this lovely illustration.

Now - if only someone would try to pick me up - that would make my year.
The tail is the best part
Baby in the pouchGrandma and Cutterbug

Bounce House - Tail in the Air