Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Benjamin's Baptism

We are finally emerging from the fog of head colds, lost voices, and mountain visiting. The piles of laundry should speak for themselves for all that we have been up to lately. 

Sidenote: I've decided that laundry is the bane of any OCD lover's existence. It never ends. No matter how many loads you do, there is always more. And there is always defeat that it is a task that is never officially complete. Sigh.

I seem to lose my voice more often than not these days, and last week was no exception. One little cold virus and I'm unable to scream at my children for days on end. They relish in the autonomy I assure you. Vocal abilities or not, we were set to visit my sister for the weekend in celebration of her son's baptism. I was graciously afforded the honor of supporting my sister at his birth, and regretfully had not seen him since said birth back in July. Fun trivia, I was also at her first son's birth which just so happened to be three years prior to the day. The boys share a birthday.

We spent a weekend in her home in the mountains and relished in cousins, babies, and hikes to Rocky Canyon (so named by my sister for the enjoyment of my children). Truly, the air seems lighter, cleaner, and fuller up there. And the views are breathtaking. Our drive was peppered with many a turning leaf towards autumn, the reds were vibrant and literally took my breath away. Nothing makes me happier than fall foliage in full display. 

We celebrated Benjamin's baptism with family and then made our way back home. Until next time!