Wednesday, December 18, 2013

::daddy's girl::

Christmas is heavy upon us, and in truth is practically over at this rate. There has been much decoration, much delight, much enthusiasm over the special joys of the season this year; through the eyes of certain soon-to-be four and two year olds. I simply do not tire of their incessant and seemingly insurmountable wonder at the season's trappings. The tree, the lights, the scenes - all of it is a child's dream in reality. 

Family will always be what is important to us, and I was able to capture mine at one of the more intimate moments last night. Scout, enamored with her father, sitting on his lap, sharing a treat together. My heart swooned - and then I choked up thinking of what another little girl will add to this sweet family of ours. 36 weeks today. Soon, baby girl, soon.

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