Monday, August 26, 2013

Star Gazers' Saturday

Saturday morning found us with a rare day of no plans, and an expanse of blue, unadulterated sky. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and hiked a few of the Preserves that are part of the Land Trust company that my husband works for. 

A self-proclaimed history nut, I had been wanting to get out to their latest acquirement which boasts of a rare temporary observatory from the time of Mason and Dixon – the Star Gazers’ Stone. Mason and Dixon set up the temporary observatory in 1764 in order to adequately settle a long-lasting dispute over the actual border between Pennsylvania and Maryland, otherwise known as the Mason-Dixon Line. I find this fascinating and was intrigued to visit the marker. It is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Here are a few links for more information, if like me, you find this interesting.


The kids enjoyed the hike and my husband humored me in his willing spirit. We even found a pair of Harry Potter glasses along the way that Cutter modeled in great form.

After the historic viewing, we toured the new building on the expansive property and as usual, the big thrill for the kids remained the equipment and garages full of tractors, ATV’s, and other gassed up vehicles of childhood enjoyment.

We ended our morning by hiking another Preserve that we are blessed to have nearby. In fact, the kids and I walked the rest of the way home and Steve met us with the car back at the house. It was just a great morning of family time that I won’t soon forget. 

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