Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day

I just can't say that without singing Martina McBride.


As any flag-loving American would, we celebrated our nation's independence from the Kingdom that is Great Britain with patriotic food, attire, and beverage alike. Glaringly absent this year were fireworks and a parade of any sort (aside from the marching feet of Cutter through the kitchen of his great-grandparents). We did venture to excite with a sparkler or two, but Cutter remained nonchalant and unenticed by the entitlement to play with fire. Sigh of relief, exhaled.

I made my Pinspired flag fruit kabobs and we gnoshed on the tradional burgers and dogs. My grandmother won me over with her double chocolate brownies for dessert and with that I all but gave up on losing those last few baby pounds.

Cutter powered through the day sans nap and as such both kids were in bed early and out for the count. It was a celebration of freedom, indeed.


sweetbabygiggles said...

What a beautiful family! Scout is your little mini me!!

Jase and Melissa said...

Love Cutter's new hair-cut!