Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Three Months

Forget the fact that she is practically four months old.
This is being posted as it sits in my draft folder. No edits or updates.

Scout at 3 months

-          12 pounds, 13 ounces (by the home scale)

-          24 ½ inches long

-          Size 1 diapers, 2 at night

-          Size 3 month clothes, 3-6

-          Rolled over from back to belly necessitating no more swaddle; sleep without it

-          Rolled over from belly to back a week later

-          Great head control, grasps rattles and toys

-          Imitates the sounds I make, blows raspberries and bubbles

-          Just like her brother at this age, has reverted back to waking multiple times a night.
-          Eating every 2-3 hours during the day and at times the night; see above bullet point.

-          Naps 3-4 times a day from 1-2 hours at a time

-          Nighttime: Has been going to sleep for the night around 7 pm, was sleeping until 1 or 2 am but the last 2 weeks has been getting up at 10 pm, 1 am, 4 am, 5 am…

-          I introduced the pacifier in my desperation this month; not sure if that was good or not

-          Still enjoys standing, sitting in the bumbo, laying on her play mat and blanket under the Ikea activity

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