Monday, April 9, 2012

"Grin and bear it..."

"...It's bare and grim."  Stroke 9, instantly brings me back to high school. Oh the memories. Steve would buy the new CD's on Tuesdays and leave them in my locker on Wednesday morning. And my heart would skip a beat knowing he had actually touched the lock on my locker. And I would linger and see if I could still smell his cologne. And then I would *ahem* conveniently have to go to the bathroom during first period which meant I would just so happen to walk by his classroom. And maybe I would catch a glimpse of him, a smile from him. Goodness gracious it didn't take much.

I digress.

She has been all smiles these last few days.
So very glad to catch one on camera.

*Please disregard the scratch on her face -- Mrs. Mama forgot to cut her nails

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