Tuesday, January 10, 2012

23 months

It would seem that this month into the next, quite a few things will be changing in my little man’s life. Already, he has taken the bulk of them in stride.

We took the plunge and moved Cutter into a twin bed adorned with custom bed rails a la Steve last week. I will admit I approached the move with much anxiety, fear and trepidation, all of which proved unfounded and a futile waste of my treasured energy. Cutter could have cared less where he was sleeping and has remained placid and unperturbed by the transition. I have no doubts that in the next few weeks as he learns more of his newfound freedom, he will venture forth and engage in all sorts of perilous activity that I can’t see behind closed doors, but in the meantime I am treasuring his tenacity and willing my ruthless, somewhat obsessive self to absorb some of his unflappable temperament.

Steve will be heading back to work at the end of this week. It is a change that I have lamented personally as I will miss my sweet husband’s presence in our home each day, but one that I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy in seeing his healing come to this point. I do foresee it will take Cutter a bit of time to adjust to his Daddy not being around all the time as he has been home since Thanksgiving. His absence will be painfully obvious – both to Cutter and myself. We love our man of the house!
Clichés and truisms absent, our son will be two years old next month. Two years of pure, unadulterated joy and love that I never anticipated were even possible. And Lord willing, I will have a little sister to ring in that birthday of his, and add to that love all the more.
I would love an early delivery.

Cutter words this month
Mama, Dada, Pop-Pop, Bampi (for Grampie), Jason, Mimi (for Gramie), moon, movie, cookie, ball, no, yes, please, thank you, open, library, wow – to pretty much everything.

Basic Stats
Wearing 18 month size pants (finally) and 18 month size tops
Pajamas are 24 months
Size 4 diaper still during the day, size 5 at night
Weight – around 25 pounds
Height – Just under 3 feet
Highlights of the 22nd month
Celebrating Christmas with family
Traveling to York for New Year's and misplacing our beloved puppy
Going to the museum with Jane
A play date with Stella
A play date with Indiana
Invitations to two friend’s birthday parties in one day

*(dare I say my son has turned into a social butterfly?)

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