Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Projects, projects, projects

In the past few months I have felt extremely crafty and ambitious. I will blame it on Pinterest. Some projects I have started but have yet to finish, but many (thankfully) have been blessed with my mind enmeshing with fruition in all sorts of Martha-esque ways.

My husband has been just as busy with home projects and nursery projects. Between the two of us we make up a single ambitious mission-minded engine. Love at first sight, I tell you again.

I had Steve spray paint a gold frame I found on clearance at Michael's a few months back (ever mindful of those toxic fumes). My intent was to make a covered cork board for Cutter & Scout's room that blended with the other accent pieces I already had in there. I have been ambivalent towards practically every fabric choice I have obsessively scrutinized, but I made a decisive choice this past weekend and boldly moved forward in the name of progress. Steve & I covered the board with batting first, and then the fabric. We affixed it within the white frame and though I have yet to determine the ultimate purpose of the piece, it is exactly what I envisioned and I could not be more pleased.

A while back we also obtained a few furniture pieces from close family that were downsizing, and Steve took it upon himself to refinish one of the dressers for Cutter. Again, it matches the motif of the room without fail and I for one find it to be a wonderfully ornate piece for the room. We have since repurposed Cutter’s old dresser for Scout, and the drawers are already bursting at the seams with fashions of pink aplenty.  

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