Tuesday, December 13, 2011

22 months

The monthly chronicles that are my lifeline to remember these days by.

Cutter this month you are:

Talking so much more! You are a big repeater and attempt to mimic almost any word or sound we ask of you. New words include, “choo choo, back, all done, baby, mama (sweet music to my ears)”

You enjoy repeating “A, B, C” and are just beginning to repeat numbers.

Your favorite words remain “up, down, no, Bubba, Jason, PopPop” and are usually all in that order.

You’ve had a bit of a cold for the majority of this month which has led to many shortened naps and earlier wake-up times.

You’ve taken to your Daddy’s new presence at home quite well and I fear what mayhem will occur when he heads back to work early next year.

You continue to be observant beyond my own comprehension.

Christmas is a delight through your eyes as you are very much involved and fascinated by all of the decorations, music, food, and busyness.

Trucks remain a favorite play item, as well as any kind of car or motorcycle. More often than not you have a car in each hand. Reading books is still a favorite and just recently you have taken to reading a story at night to one of your teddy bears. It is endearing to say the very least.

Singing and dancing to “Skinnamarink” is always a crowd pleaser, as are “Head, Shoulders” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider” *I am terrible at remembering to capture this all on video*

A typical day for you right now runs as follows (for my own personal remembrance):

6:30 Up for the day, downstairs to get a cup of milk and watch Sprout while Mommy wakes up

7:00 Breakfast – eggs and toast or oatmeal

7:30 Upstairs to get changed and dressed for the day. While I get ready you play in my room or your room and read books or watch some Mickey Mouse.

8:30 Back downstairs to get things together, usually out the door by 9 am.

9:00 Errands of some sort or a morning outing, typically to church, you have a snack while we are out

12:00 Home for lunch – yogurt and fruit or vegetable, sandwiches are not a favorite of yours. Play a little and read some books before its time to find Puppy and head upstairs for a nap.

12:30 Naptime

3-3:30 Up from nap, have a snack (raisins, goldfish, cheese, apple, or orange) and wake up time (you take a while to wake up from a nap, just like your Mommy)

The afternoon is spent playing with cars, trucks, blocks, a craft, watching Sprout, playing Wii with Uncle Jason, errand running, etc.

5:30 Dinner time. You eat what we eat for the most part but always have applesauce with your dinner.

6:00 Play time with Daddy (i.e. run around like crazy and rough-house to get all of your excess energy out)

6:30 Bath time, then upstairs to get pajamas on, read books, and pray before your bedtime bottle of milk

7:00 In bed for the night

And then we start all over again. Of course everyday is different but that is our basic schedule for now.

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