Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Decking the halls!

December is quite possibly one of the most fantastic months of the year as we get our most treasured decorations out and display them for all to see. I waste no time in savoring these memories and pull out the infamous Christmas bins as soon as the turkey has gobbled its last. Cutter has participated in full this year and his joy at the lights and trimmings has been exceedingly contagious. He has infected us all with his smile and sheer wonder of it all. I have been conscious in reiterating the celebration of Christ we are sharing each day this month, and his nativity set (a gift from Gramie) has proven immeasurably valuable in explaining the birth of His Savior.

Admittedly, I have very little (personal) space to decorate but I enjoy it all the same. There are quite a few decorations that I have in mind to make this year, granted I have the time, but these remain my tried and true personal favorites.

Our family tree

The Christmas Card Sleigh

The Lenox Santa Figurine with our Wedding Year

Cutter's First Christmas Ornaments, 2010

Our First Christmas, 2007

Helping to trim the family tree in the living room

A boost from Gramie to get to the top

Arranging (and re-arranging) the nativity

The cheese face - Merry Christmas!

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