Sunday, December 18, 2011

Birthday Celebration

For my birthday my sole request of my mother was for a day spent just the two of us being mom and daughter. As housemates that relationship tends to take a backseat to the everyday hustle and bustle of life, and as childish as it sounds, I really missed my mommy.

My mother in-law graciously took the cherub for the day, and my mom and I set to have an old-fashioned girl’s day. Sakes alive, I had nearly forgotten what they were like!

We started the morning with brunch at one of my favorite spots for tea, A Taste of Britain. It is a place saved solely for special occasions (in my book) and this one merited such decadence. Not surprisingly, we both opted for the soup and salad combo and upon hearing the waitress’ glib discussion of the snowflake tea – we succumbed and indulged. And oh, was it worth it. It is a homemade blend of black tea leaves with coconut and almond slices, and it truly feels as if you are drinking in Christmas.

To be sure, I am treating myself to a cup at the moment and couldn’t feel more in the spirit of the season. Blogging and a cup of tea, absolute perfection.

After our tea we ventured to a few consignment shops that we had been eyeing, but had yet to have the time to peruse at our leisure, together. It was literally all I could do to savor in the moment that I had my mother all to myself.

A pregnant woman doesn’t have to work very hard to be pampered by others and well, when you’re with your mother it comes as second nature that she will want to take care of you and make sure that you are comfortable. With one complaint of my toes needing polish, we were off to the nail salon. I had perhaps one of the most relaxing and blissful pedicures of late, all at the hands of my generous mother.

Without doubt, the paramount of the day was simply being present with my mother and talking with one another without inhibition or worry. It was just like old times and I loved hearing her listen to me – without having to also listen to my son. Those personal words and looks are what made the day so exceptional to me, and all the more memorable as I sit here and recount it practically a month later.

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